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Portrait Photographer

Suzanne Pack

My name is Suzanne Pack.  I am a portrait photographer specializing in personal branding, glamour, lifestyle, and headshot portraiture.

I am married and the mother of two adult children and two four-legged children.  I spend a lot of time documenting my memories with photos. At the age of 47 I found myself looking for change…looking for a challenge that I could call my own. I had many interests but I was looking for something that would allow me to be creative and to provide a valuable service to others.  Photography seemed  to be a common theme to the many skills I had and it was another inspirational portrait photographer who planted the seeds that allowed me to see myself as someone who could create art using a camera. 

I find myself most drawn to photographing other creatives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners…those who put their face on their business.  I use my experience with graphic arts and web design combined with my photography to help my clients create images that can be used on their web sites, social media feeds, and printed materials.  My clients’ photos go to work for them as they are able to show their personal brands to better attract their ideal customers and set themselves apart from others.

In addition to photographing professionals and creatives I love creating beautiful photographs of men, women, and children who are looking to celebrate themselves…whether it be a milestone, accomplishment, or special event.  I want to celebrate your life moments with you and provide you with a photograph that truly captures the moment and memory.

In my studio I will spend time with you planning and preparing you for your photo session. We will discuss hair, makeup, wardrobe, and how you want to be photographed.  It is my job to properly pose you and help create an atmosphere to better capture your inner essence and emotion.  These are the things that make a photograph truly beautiful.

Are you ready to celebrate you?  Are you ready to put your face on your business?  I would love to hear how you want to be photographed.