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Before I met Suzanne and hired her as a photographer and brand strategist, I was very reluctant to have my photo taken. She put me at ease and made me feel like the CEO of my business. I had so much fun during my photo session, and it showed in the gorgeous photos. She helped me figure out which photos looked best with the different types of social media and helped me develop my brand colors.

More recently, I hired Suzanne to put together an e-book in Canva with the photos she took of me and art work she found. But she went beyond that. She made the e-book stand out, look professional and easy to read with her special magic touch.

I put the words together but she made a work of art out of it. People who viewed the e-book have been blown away by the professional quality of it. This e-book is one that my clients can use for years.

I highly recommend Suzanne with Celebrated Reflections for any of your photo or branding needs for your business.

Wendy Crabb
Life and Weight Loss Coach

I first met Suzanne last year at a networking event and discovered we used to be neighbors when she and her siblings and my sons and daughters were kids. I kept seeing her at other events. I was so impressed with what she had to say about branding. Then I saw some of her work and realized I needed to update my headshot for new business cards. We discussed when would be an ideal time to aim for when to launch my new pictures. 2019 has been a banner year for me: my husband celebrated our 50th Anniversary, then on May 9th, I turned 75! So we set an appointment date in time to release my new photos by my birthday.

I had no idea what to expect, based on my previous headshots over the years, where I went in, posed for a few shots, and bingo, it was done. Suzanne took time to talk, to get a feel for what I was looking for. She told me to bring changes of clothes. My first treat was to have my make-up done by a professional when I arrived. That was so much fun! Then I put on the first outfit. Over the next four hours, she walked me through multiple poses in my various outfits. She knew how to draw the best out of me. I felt so special, like some sort of professional model or rock star!

In a few days, she sent me the best ones in her opinion. It was so hard to choose!! But I finally boiled it down to a few poses for different uses. She also had the cards made, and the resulting finished product is so beautiful!! I highly recommend Suzanne to anyone wanting to change their image to reflect their very best essence. Everywhere I hand out my cards, people want her information from me, because they are so impressed. Suzanne is an artiste! A creative genius! I got far more than a typical headshot! I got amazing artwork that certainly helped my self image and esteem!

Rebecca Ingersoll
National Marketing Director and Wellness Expert, Juice Plus

So, like most women I HATE having my photo taken and I hate selfies even more!! I have always felt that most photos never captured ME…they always looked like someone else.

So, I was just a tiny bit skeptical that my photo shoot with Suzanne Pack of Celebrated Reflections would be any different. To say that I was 100% pleased with the experience and the outcome of the photo shoot is an understatement…Suzanne is extremely talented at what she does, fun to work with and the ultimate professional We shot the photos in my home, utilizing different spaces and different outfit changes while also getting some candid shots of my four legged friends (well, they are my business associates since I work from home). She made me feel completely at ease even though posing did not come naturally for me. And the best part of the shoot is that she taught me a couple of posing tricks to ensure that even my future selfies would look great…I can’t thank her enough for those little tips.

There was a fairly quick turnaround on the returned, edited photos. They were branded for my Coaching business and are fully represented of my Personal Brand. They are all images that I will be able to utilize on all of my social media accounts…I now have content for weeks!

I highly recommend Suzanne and her talents and can hardly wait until I can schedule a second photo shoot with her!

Melissa Bedard
Certified High Performance Coach

Have you ever had a photograph of yourself that was so unflattering that made you feel that you never wanted to do that again? That is what happened to me. I hated every photo of myself and tried to avoid picture taking for my whole life.

However, because I am 76 years of age I wanted to do something for my kids that they would appreciate in the years to come. But who would photograph me in such a way that would let my age and my personality still show? I found that person in Suzanne Pack. She is the ultra professional photographer that enabled me to be me and I felt so comfortable with her suggestions that were meant to be as natural as possible.

This was a wonderful experience; one that I will remember. My children were overjoyed when they saw the photos and thanked me profusely for doing that for them.

Please give suzanne the opportunity to do the same for you that she did for me.

Pam Norton
Business Owner

Suzanne is more than just a photographer. She takes her time to get to know you and what you want your images to reflect about you. And then she makes it her mission to give you that and beyond. Whether with her camera or without it, Suzanne is absolutely amazing.

Wendy Sachs | The Sachs Group of Raymond James
Financial Advisor

I am so impressed with Suzanne’s photography skills! She (patiently) worked with me–and my schedule–to ensure my brand colors and style came through in the pictures she took. We had only spent a few minutes together at a networking event and without much to go on, Suzanne did an outstanding job. She made me feel comfortable in front of the camera and kept me happy with a minimum amount of “primping and wardrobe checks.” When I received the digital copies of my photos just a couple of days later, I was truly impressed. The different backdrops, positioning and lighting came through just as I had hoped! I continue to get compliments about the pictures, and I am happy to refer Suzanne as a wonderful and talented professional who is easy to work with and goes the extra mile.

Susan Young | Sue Young Media
Award-winning news reporter, PR entrepreneur, storyteller and speaker / CEO, Get in Front Communications, Inc.

Suzanne is a phenomenal branding photographer. She doesn’t just take a headshot or a photo for your webpage…she takes you through a photographic experience where in the end your photos communicate your business story. If you need pictures to do more than just lay on the page, Suzanne is the photojournalist for you.

Rita Monroe | E3Energetics
Bestselling Author & Life Change Stratetgist for Women

I’m a writer; I use words to tell my story, but readers want an image to put with those words.
Fortunately, I found Suzanne Pack, who sees beauty through her lens. She gave me “my look”
captured what I did not realize I already had.

Suzanne is a creative image maker, bringing her subjects to life.

Charlotte Narboni
Blogger and Writer
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